Who(se) Am I?

with Erin Nagy

Who(se) Am I?

We all ask ourselves the question, who are we, throughout our lives. As we transition into different stages of life, this question comes up often. The answer may seem to be different depending on if you are single, married, a parent, still in school, have a job, etc. However, in this mini-retreat series Erin will argue that the answer never changes. You are always and forever a child of God. It’s not easy to claim that identity but through the gift of the Holy Spirit we can learn how to live in the fullness of our son-ship or daughter-ship.

Session I: Who Are You?

In this session, Erin will discuss who society tells us we are and how it is based on our actions, our accomplishments, and our roles. She will then discuss who God says we are which is based in His actions, using Ephesians 1 as a reference for the identity that God gives us. 

Who(se) Am I?: Session I

Session I Reflection Question: Where do you find your identity?

Session II: The Promise of the Father

In session two, Erin uses the Gospel of John and the book of Acts to explain how it was better for Jesus to leave and send the Holy Spirit. Through the Promise of the Father, The Holy Spirit, we receive our inheritance, our identity as a child of God. 

Who(se) Am I? Session II

Question: How do you translate this knowledge from your head to your heart?

Session III: No Greater Love

In the third and final session, Erin discusses how to begin to translate the knowledge of your identity from your head to your heart. She uses Romans chapter 8 to explain that the Holy Spirit will teach us how to pray and how to claim our identity if we are open and surrender to Him.

Who(se) Am I? Session III

Question: Are you open to allow God to help you claim your identity?