Into The Fray

with Fr. Herb

Into the Fray

Into the Fray is a three-part mini-Retreat based on the church’s commitment to live in the world and make it a better place even as we also strive for the Kingdom of God. Fr. Herb uses images from personal experience to help people find for themselves their own way to transform the face of the earth and bring justice to this world.

Session I: Two Worlds

We live in two worlds: that world of our faith, which is discipleship of the Lord, directing ourselves towards the Kingdom of God; and that world of our society where we work, spend our time, and try to improve conditions for all people. Using the image of ‘walking the equator’ Fr. Herb talks about straddling two worlds, trying to walk a tight rope between them, or falling the wrong way. The response is not to be separatists but to know that as humans we have to be committed to all people of this world even as we have our eye on God’s plan.

Into The Fray: Session I

Session I Reflection Question: What are the joys and hopes, griefs and anxieties of the people of this age? How can I enter into them?

Session II: 2020 Vision

In session two of this mini-retreat, Fr. Herb uses the term 2020 Vision to speak of clarity of sight of what is happening in the world, also drawing attention to the year that we are in. The church is not outside of time and place, but located directly in this particular time and in this world. Following the use of “Signs of the Times” developed at the Second Vatican Council, he asks us to see what are the signs and happenings of this world that we need to notice.

Into the Fray: Session II

Session II Reflection Question: What can each of us do to better understand the needs of our local area?

Session III: Holding on to Hope

Fr. Herb concludes the three-part mini-retreat by reminding people that we have the opportunity to make a difference in the world by being people of hope. Hope is more than fantasy or daydreaming. It requires imagining the possibility that can be new and life-giving. With the adage, “If you can’t imagine it, you can’t do it,” Fr. Herb suggests ways of becoming people of imagination.

Into the Fray: Session III

Session II Reflection Question: What can you imagine yourself doing to make a difference in some area of need in the world?