HSM 23Mission Trip

Serve Others.

We have just opened up more spots for Mission Trip.

Available: 5

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Welcome to our 2020 HSM Summer Mission Trip. Every year we embark on an incredible journey and put into action, the words we say every Sunday. "Go and spread the Gospel"

This year we will be headed to Charleston, West Virginia


June 27 - July 3(Saturday - Friday)

$350 per student, pay by cash, check, or card($3 online charge) *payment is due on May 4

This is open for current 8-12 graders

We will have a parent meeting on Sunday, January 26 at 6:30p in the Student Center(during HSM dinner), for those registered and those wanting more info. At this meeting, we will go through all up to date information.


Location: Charleston, West Virginia

Transportation: Our Adult Core Team will drive rented and personal vans and trucks

Lodging: We will be sleeping at a camp/school on the floor.

Food: Food will be taken care of by our team. We will be making our own throughout the week. Meals while traveling will be taken care of. Bring money for anything extra.

Fundraising: We offer 2 types of fundraising. The first is that each student is expected to raise 5 mission partners who will donate towards their trip. The second are our are fundraisiers that a student can volunteer for. For each hour that a student works, they will receive $10 off their price of any of our summer trips.


January 26: Parent Meeting

April 6: Mission Trip Meeting(students only)

May 4: Mission Partner Letter Writing(students only)

June 8: Mission Trip Meeting(students only)

June 27-July 3: Mission Trip


January 18: Trivia Night 1

February 16/23/March 1: BIG Board

March 21: Euchre Night

May 10: Mother's Day Bake Sale

June 6: Trivia Night 2

July 18: Euchre Night 2