Coronavirus Updates

Phase Two Re-Opening Procedures


(Beginning August 22-23)

Masses at 5:00 p.m. Saturday / 9:00 & 11:00 a.m. Sunday


(Reservations are no longer needed in advance, unless capacity becomes an issue.)



· Wash your hands with soap and water before leaving home, and also bring your own personal hand sanitizer

· Baptismal font will be drained, so no need to go there to bless yourself

· Wear your mask from the moment you depart car until you re-enter car after Mass

· Provide social space in entering building, at least six feet apart

· Go directly to pews that are not roped off (every other one will be closed)

· Keep at least six feet distance between yourself and those in same pew (except for family groupings that dwell in same house)



· The bishops have lifted the obligation to attend Mass.

· Bulletins will not be given out before Mass. You can take one as you leave.

· There will be no entrance procession or offertory procession.

· There will be no passing of the collection basket. BASKETS will be on tables near doors for your offering as you leave. (You can also continue to give on line)

· SINGING: We will continue to have a small ensemble for Mass with words projected on the screens. As for congregational singing, there is much concern about the propulsion of personal droplets when people sing (even with a mask), so we ask that people inside the church refrain from singing out loud.


· Communion, only under the form of the host, will only be offered in the hand; extend your hands in front of you towards the Eucharistic Minister

· Plan to use your personal hand sanitizer before approaching for Communion

· Remember to keep distance, watching the markings on the floor, for Communion

· Ushers will indicate when your pew may approach.

· There will be four Communion stations – two in the center and one on each side. Walk up the center of the aisle. For the center section, divide at front. On the side, only one section comes up at a time, instead of two rows merging

· For Communion, continue to wear your mask. After receiving the host in the hand, step to the side and temporarily remove mask to commune, and then place mask back on BEFORE going back to pew



· Plan NOT just to leave after Mass. We will depart from the last pews to the front, leaving distance between you and those ahead/behind

· You can pick up a printed copy of the bulletin as you leave

· Collection baskets for your offerings will be on tables near the exits

· Those near the front emergency doors are welcome to depart that way

· There will be no hospitality after any Mass.

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