Confessions of a Bearded White Guy

with Paul Devine

Confessions of a Bearded White Guy

Confessions of a Bearded White Guy is a 3 part series where we dive into the uncomfortable topic of racism, with Paul Devine. We explore some of his own personal misconceptions about race and discover how we can make a better world for those around us. 

And if you are looking for resources to continue your participation in this topic, we have gathered just a few among many. Let us know if you know of others!

Session I: Vague Compassion and Shallow Distress

Racism can be a very sensitive subject for people of all colors. It is hard to talk about because no one wants to be accused of making mistakes, but a good way to start is admitting our faults and seeing where we may have been a silent bystander. 

Confessions of a Bearded White Guy: Session I

Session I Reflection Question: Reflect on the many ways you may have had a vague compassion or shallow distress for another’s struggles and how you might be able to allow those struggles to strike your heart.

Session II: My Knowledge of Black History on One Hand

What do we need to overcome racism? We need to open up our eyes and ears to the world around us. Follow Paul as he shares a story he never knew about African American history and how it can help us confront a truth and move towards a better future.

Confessions of a Bearded White Guy Session II

Session II Challenge: Listen, Read, Learn.

Bonus Content: Two Pauls - Two Colors

We have been talking about racism with Paul Devine this week and today we are going to take some of our own advice. We are going to begin a conversation about race with Paul Albert, a Haitian American who is currently the director of Missions for Life Teen. Join us as we talk about some hard topics in loving ways. 

Two Pauls - Two Colors

Session III: More Than Listening

There are a lot of bad things about racism, but one of the worst is how subtle it can be and how hard it is to detect. As a result, it gets even harder to eradicate. Today we talk about actions that take us beyond listening and learning and into the realm of advocacy and being an ally. 

Confessions of a Bearded White Guy Session III

Discussion Question:

What privileges can you sacrifice this summer that will offer opportunities for others?